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Child and adolescent speech pathology services

At Keira Stone Speech Pathology, it is my mission to work with you to best support your child. 

You know your child the best and you may have some questions about their development. I understand that this can be overwhelming and stressful. I work closely with you to understand what may be causing concern, support you throughout the process and build confidence for you and your child. 

I want for every child to feel confident and secure within their environment. I adopt a holistic, ‘whole child’ approach to meeting their developmental needs. I collaborate with others involved in your child’s care to meet your child’s (and often greater family’s) needs. I recommend strategies that are tailored and flexible to your circumstances, which can be provided within your home or in my consulting rooms.


My strategies are enjoyable and will fit in with the everyday life of your child, yourself and your family. I will help and support you to support your child, which will create overall continuity for your child’s development.

No need to have a referral. Talk to me today.

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