Who We Are

At Keira Stone Speech Pathology we are a team of experienced professionals dedicated to  providing support to your child, their family and the wider community.

We are passionate about providing a ‘whole team’ approach to supporting your child’s communication and participation in the community. We routinely work in collaboration with your child’s therapy, medical and education team to best support your child’s goals.

Learn More About Our Team

Keira Stone

Senior Speech Pathologist and Director

Graduated from Flinders University in 2009.

Keira is an experienced Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist who is passionate about providing children and adolescents with a voice. Keira is trained in a range of Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) systems. She is experienced in assisting clients in the areas of:

  • Early communication. 
  • Speech and language development. 
  • Play and interaction. 
  • Complex communication needs. 
  • Provision of Assistive Technology (AT).
  • Disability supports. 
  • Mealtime supports.

Keira has experience in private practice and within multidisciplinary teams. Her involvement with the school-age team of Child and Youth services has provided Keira with an ability to deliver high quality services to the disability community. Keira has developed strong knowledge in Augmentative Alternative Communication systems and has provided professional development to a range of sites including special education settings. 

Keira understands that a person’s community plays a key role in their experiences and success.  She continues to work with local councils, education settings and advocates to support the wider community.

Kate Tauba

Senior Speech Pathologist

Graduate from Flinders University in 2012.

Kate is an experienced Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist who is passionate about providing engaging and inclusive support for children and families. She is experienced in assisting clients in the areas of:

  • Speech and language assessment and therapy
  • Neuro-divergent affirming social skill support.
  • Literacy difficulties
  • Complex communication needs, including Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
  • Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) therapy
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis
  • Support in education settings

Kate has completed a Master of Speech Pathology at Flinders University and a Bachelor of Education at the University of South Australia. Her involvement in a range of education settings has given her a unique understanding of the experiences of children, adolescents, families and staff in schools and early childhood settings. Kate is passionate about assisting children and adolescents to achieve positive educational experiences. She supports students to more effectively engage in the curriculum and with their peers and works with education staff to build their capacity to support diverse student needs.

Through varied speech pathology experiences, and in conjunction with families, Kate identifies the interests, skills and needs of her clients. Kate recognises that parents are the experts when it comes to their children and she works closely with families in order to set goals and implement experiences that are educational, fun and engaging.

Kate is also a qualified Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnostician and is experienced in supporting families at all stages of the diagnostic processn 

Anna Johnson

Speech Pathologist

Graduated from Flinders University in 1999.

Anna is an experienced Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist who is passionate and dedicated speech pathologist and  provides high quality services to children and adolescents. She provides a strengths -based approach in the following areas:

  • Speech and language assessment and therapy.
  • Literacy development.
  • Neuro-divergent affirming social skill supports.
  • Natural language acquisition.
  • Support and transitions in the education setting.

Anna’s initial work with the Department for Education ignited a love for working in school-based settings alongside teachers and students. Anna took some time off to raise a family and work as an SSO in Government Public Schools before completing the re-entry process offered by Speech Pathology Australia. She returned to the profession to work alongside Keira Stone in 2019. Anna’s years of experience in the school setting has allowed her to develop a passion for literacy skills such as phonological awareness, vocabulary development and reciprocal reading and also in the area of social skills whilst embracing  neuro-divergent affirming practices.  

Stephanie Woortman

Senior Speech Pathologist & Clinical Educator

Graduated from Flinders University in 2016.

 Stephanie is an experienced Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist who has an optimistic approach to enhancing the communication and swallowing outcomes for individuals of all ages. She is experienced in assisting clients in the areas of:

  • Play & interaction
  • Early communication
  • Speech and language assessment and therapy for adults and children
  • PROMPT trained
  • Neuro-divergent affirming social skill development
  • Complex communication needs, including Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
  • Basic mealtime supports for children and families
  • Voice
  • Fluency/Stuttering

She has experience in regional community health, practicing as a rural generalist. In this role she worked with both adults and children and was a member of a multidisciplinary team for each cohort. She also has experience in private practice, working with children and adolescents.

Stephanie believes that having the ability to communicate with others, as well as the ability to enjoy eating and drinking safely are the fundamentals of life. She strives to provide these fundamentals to her clients and has done previously using a variety of specialised therapies including, but not limited to, PROMPT, Lidcombe, individual and group therapy.

Stephanie is passionate about delivering high quality client-centred care drawing on her experiences working in a variety of schools, hospitals, and nursing homes across the mid-north and metropolitan SA. She has provided training and professional development to nursing and kitchen staff in the area of modifying diet & fluids in accordance with the international dysphagia diet standardisation initiative.


Natalie Piechnick

Speech Pathologist 

Graduated from Curtin University in Western Australia in 2013. 

Natalie is an experienced Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist who is passionate about providing positive and engaging services to individuals of all ages. She is experienced in assisting clients in the areas of:

  • Early communication.
  • Speech and language assessment and therapy for children and adolescents.
  • Neuro-divergent affirming social skill supports.
  • Literacy difficulties. 
  • Auslan trained. 
  • Hanen ‘More Than Words’ and ‘It Takes Two To Talk’ trained.

She has extensive experience in private practices working with individuals of a range of ages. 

Natalie has an interest in languages which prompted her to complete her certificate 2 in the Auslan language. She believes that everyone has the right to communicate with others and enjoys embracing her interest in languages to support her clients communication needs. 

Natalie is passionate about delivering high quality strengths based services and ensures her supports are functional, practical and engaging to support her clients needs in everyday situations. 


Izabella (Bella) Linke

Allied Health Assistant and 4th year Speech Pathology Student

Attending Flinders University since 2017. Izabella is in her final year studying to become a Speech Pathologist. She is determined to broaden and acquire knowledge and skills that will support her in clinical practice.

She has experience in supporting students and their families in the areas of:
– Speech and language
– Early communication
– Play and interaction
– Social skill development
– Support in the school setting

Izabella advocates that you do not need to use your voice to be heard. In such, she is deeply passionate in supporting an individual in their preferred method of communication. Izabella is confident in endeavouring to deliver the best service in her abilities. She is working with our Speech Pathologists to support her clients and their families to achieve their desires and goals. 

Tracy Edge

Administration Officer and Practice Manager trainee

Tracy is the administration officer and practice manager in training at Keira Stone Speech Pathology. She has worked with Keira for several years behind the scenes

Tracy has recently completed a Certificate in Business Bookkeeping and is always constantly learning new ways to help both Keira Stone Speech Pathology and their clients.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is of great interest to Tracy and she had a broad knowledge of its workings. She has completed a number of online training modules to keep up to date with the latest knowledge of the NDIS. This allows Tracy to have a sound knowledge of your plans and can offer assistance in a constantly changing environment.

Amy Krzoska

Allied Health Assistant and Administration Officer 

Speech Pathology graduate from Flinders University in 2007.

Amy is a trained Speech Pathologist and is excited to apply her skills and knowledge in supporting clients to achieve their therapy goals. She has a strong background in early communication development, preschool and school aged speech and language, as well as early literacy development. She is experienced in working collaboratively with children, families and teachers in her previous school-based and community roles as a Speech Pathologist and has a holistic, strength-based and family centred approach to support.